Achiever extra materials

This page contains some extra materials that you can use to practice your English. Doing this is optional – you don’t have to do this, but it can help you with preparing for your final exam. Focus on what you think is the most difficult!

I will try to update this page regularly with new exercises, so come by every now and then too see if there is something new.

If you find links to websites that don’t work (anymore), let me know!

Aptis practice

Homework for April 27th: finish the Aptis listening test and do the Aptis writing test.

You can do these tests at home or in the media lab (use headphones). You can also do the reading, speaking and grammar tests again if you want to.


B1 listening tests
Here you can find some listening tests that you can do online. You can also directly check your answers on the website. If you make mistake, make sure to understand why you made the mistakes – that way you will learn!

Watch Pixar movies
These movies can be found on the media lab’s computers (in a folder called ‘Pixar’ on the Desktop). These films are very fun to watch and will help you with your listening as well! I’ve categorized the movies according to how difficult the English is.

All movies include subtitles that will load automatically as long as you use the ‘VLC’ media player. If you double click on the file in the media lab, this player will automatically open.

You can put the movies on a pen drive and watch them at home if you want. Make sure to install the ‘VLC’ media player (you can download it for free, just search for it on Google) to make sure the subtitles work.

Watch English TV or listen to English radio
Watching your favorite TV shows in English or listening to English radio is also a great way to practice your English!


B1 reading tests
Here you can find some reading tests that you can do online. You can also directly check your answers on the website. If you make mistake, make sure to understand why you made the mistakes – that way you will learn!

Newspapers or online news
We have English newspapers at the institute you can read. Also, you can use this website to read world wide news in English. If you think the news on the website is too difficult, you can click on another level on the top of the page. This is level 6, but you can go back to level 5 if you want and later try to read the level 6 articles.

If there are words you don’t know, you can easily look them up in an online dictionary like

Read storybooks
We have plenty of nice storybooks for you to read in the library at the institute. Reading will help you with sentence structure and vocabulary. We have a lot of books, you can ask Akushla for help if you’re not sure which book to take. I recommend the Secret Seven / Famous Five books and all books by Roald Dahl.


We will do extra classes in smaller groups. Furthermore, listen to your mock exam tapescript and try and find your mistakes (and correct them).


Writing practice at British Council
British Council’s website has some writing exercises. Since you will do a British Council exam, it might help you to practice them. Click here for an overview of the exercises.

Practice making sentences
Some online practice with sentence structure:

Correct the mistakes
Some great ‘correct the mistakes’ exercises can be found here. Note that some rules we haven’t done in class, so you probably will not be able to find all the mistakes in the text. But it’s still a good practice.

Writing letters and emails
If you want extra writing assignments, ask me.

Grammar and vocabulary

If you want to review some grammar or learn some new words, these websites may help you.

This website has grammar overview of some of the subjects we discussed.

Learn some new words on this website.

B2 practice

If you got a first class pass for some parts of the mock exam or if you think some of the parts are a bit easy, you can try to do some B2 exercises. These will be a lot more difficult, but you can give them a try if you want to.


Flexible courses

New: flexible courses in batch 2 (May – August) – possibility to go 2 or 3 days to class instead of 5! Ideal if you have to work on weekdays or if you have other obligations.

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