English courses

Level 1 IESOL Preliminary
Level 2 IESOL Access
Level 3 IESOL Achiever
Level 3 ISESOL Achiever (Spoken)

Course materials are provided. The institute is using the New Cutting Edge method for levels 1, 2 and 3. This method result in very interactive lessons in which the student will be actively participating instead of only listening to the teacher. The lessons are provided in English medium and students are obliged to speak English in class; both to the teacher and with each other.

The Level 3 ISESOL course is taught by a foreign teacher, the Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator is also involved from time to time in the other English courses, as well as in various other activities, such as the CV and interview training provided to students.

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Flexible courses

New: flexible courses in batch 2 (May – August) – possibility to go 2 or 3 days to class instead of 5! Ideal if you have to work on weekdays or if you have other obligations.

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