CV and interview training

When there is a demand from the students, a CV & job interview training will be given by the Headmaster and the Project Coordinator. Firstly, the students applying for the training will be taught how to find a suitable job vacancy. After that, writing an application letter and a CV are discussed and the training will conclude with an interview training workshop. After the training, students can use the laptops in the Medialab to make their CV and/or application letter. Furthermore they can use the computer to look for job opportunities on the internet.

How to apply?

The CV & job interview training is free for every student following a course at the Lideke Wery Educational Institute. As soon as the date for the training is set, students are informed by class teachers and are able to submit their names to the class teachers. Those who have submitted the names will be able to follow the training.


Flexible courses

New: flexible courses in batch 2 (May – August) – possibility to go 2 or 3 days to class instead of 5! Ideal if you have to work on weekdays or if you have other obligations.

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