The Lideke Wery Educational Institute is a school for English and computer education located in Induruwa, Sri Lanka. It was founded March 30th 2006 by the Lideke Wery Foundation, a Dutch initiative to help the development of the underprivileged and tsunami-affected community in Sri Lanka.


The Lideke Wery Foundation was founded in 2005 by Ebbinge & Company. Lideke Wery was an employee of Ebbinge & Company, who sadly did not survive the tsunami in 2004, while she was on holiday. The foundation has the purpose of keeping the memory of Lideke Wery alive by giving the possibility to local youth to educate and develop themselves. Beside that, the foundation has the goal to support people who have been affected by the tsunami of 2004. This goal is being realized by LWF by,

  • Providing proper English and IT education
  • Giving direction to people’s development process
  • Stimulating intercultural exchanges
  • Bringing together people with different religions

The Lideke Wery Educational Institute (LWEI) is the Foundation’s lasting initiative that gives the opportunity to the Sri Lankan population -by their own efforts- to have a better future for their family and themselves. The existence of the LWEI depends on the donations of private individuals and organizations to the Lideke Wery Foundation.

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Support the LWF

The Lideke Wery Educational Institute has been offering their courses successfully for the last seven years. Every year, two to three-hundred students pass their exams in English and ICT at different levels.

Interns from the Netherlands are offered a unique possibility to learn and develop all kinds of skills in helping and improving the management of the school. The Institute in Sri Lanka and the internship program from the Netherlands require a total budget of € 55,000 a year provided by the Lideke Wery Foundation. Clearly, sponsors and contributors are needed to keep the school running.

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Please feel free to contact the Lideke Wery Foundation at

Dutch and international bank account holders
Stichting Lideke Wery Foundation
Bank account number NL55RABO0112961967 in Amsterdam.

Sri Lankan bank account holders
Lideke Wery Educational Institute
Bank account number: 1400023050
Commercial Bank Aluthgama, Sri Lanka


Flexible courses

New: flexible courses in batch 2 (May – August) – possibility to go 2 or 3 days to class instead of 5! Ideal if you have to work on weekdays or if you have other obligations.

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